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TI Group Smart Systems
TI Group Smart Systems offers integration solutions to improve the quality of life by improving the efficiencies of large systems. Presently and in the future, many large cities face several problems of rising energy costs, Environmental and population impact, and limited access to information and services. Cities using disparate systems, many of which have evolved over time, have caused duplication or conflict in the systems members of a community increasingly require to function effectively. By using interconnection and integration of these systems, problems are effectively minimized or eliminated resulting in more services that are more accessible at lower costs. The TI Group offers solutions in the following areas:
Smart Communities
TI Group Smart Communities solutions are an evolved concept where communities are provided an advanced communication and information infrastructure using interactive technologies to enable residents, businesses, organizations, and Governments increased access to services and information at a lower cost. Use of these services helps bring the community together by improving interconnectedness, security, quality of life, and the relationships of its members. Other benefits of using smart communities are managing environmental waste, resource planning, and recycling, improved access to education and learning, transportation, social services, law and public safety, housing, health and medicine, tourism, and Government services. The increased community networks that result also prevents minorities and other marginalized people, normally found in a fragmented community, from becoming further alienated from opportunities offered by the community.
Remote Sensing
TI Group offers remote sensing solutions ranging from small-scale to large-scale systems that provide real-time data acquisition using external passive and active sensors. Remote sensing replaces slow and costly data collection on the ground ensuring efficiency and savings.
Assets Tracking/Telelocation
Using tracking systems based on signpost, GPS-based, satellite, terrestrial radio, RFID, or cellular connections, the numerous possibilities for tracking assets or vehicle location offers a powerful tool for managing fleets of vehicles and assets. These systems improve the response of service vehicles, emergency vehicles, construction equipment, and public transport. Assetsí tracking also benefits tracking mobile remote assets, such as construction equipment, trailers, portable power generators, and vehicle recovery.
Wireless Communication Solutions
TI Group offers solutions to integrate disparate technological systems such as cellular telephone networks, GPS mapping systems, wireless networking (Wi-Fi and Wi-Max), and satellite television. This integration produces a synergy of information services to individuals living in communities and more so for Smart Communities.
Using solutions such as Automated Meter Reading and Advanced Metering Infrastructure, the ability to automatically collect data from water meters and energy meters (gas and electric) and transfer this data to a central database for near real time billing and analyzing is feasible. These automated systems gives utilities and customersí enhanced control of their use of electric, gas, and water consumption.
Stripper/Oil Well Monitoring
TI Group offers integrated solutions to remotely monitor and control operations of distant and sparsely placed stripper wells and oil wells over a large geographical area using wireless network communications infrastructures. These solutions offer several benefits in increasing production while reducing labor, maintenance, and operating costs.
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